Main benefits of the online service TERMINator:

Well-arranged archives

Thanks to this mobile application and your phone's camera, saving and tracking receipts for purchased products, warranties, and other important documents has never been easier.

With a sophisticated retrieval system, you can find whatever document you need whenever you need it.

And, of course, you can add documents also through your computer.

The system supports all available formats (JPG, PNG, GIF)

You can tag data for every document:

Bill/Invoice name, manufacturer, date of purchase, warranty period, price, merchant, type of store, method of payment, time limit for returning the goods, goods classification, serial number, model, notes
Contract name, provider, date of signature, duration of contract, date for a reminder, notes

A reminder right in time

The app's reminder system will inform you on a given date that a product's warranty period or a contract's notice period is soon to expire.

Anytime and anywhere

Documents in the application are synchronized between your mobile phone and the website, making them available to you anytime and anywhere you need them, be it on your mobile phone when you travel, or on your home computer.

You can simply print them out if needed (a copy of a bill suffices to lodge a complaint).


Synchronization with the website ensures that your documents will always be safe even if your mobile phone or computer breaks down or gets lost or stolen.

The connection with the site's server is encrypted, guaranteeing that your documents remain protected even if you use a public WiFi or mobile Internet connection.

Free of charge

You can add an unlimited number of documents to the website and free of charge. So now there is nothing stopping you from taking that old box of receipts or that folder full of contracts out of the cupboard ☺ and having them comfortably organized in no time.

But you can only really check out this great service by giving it a spin.
The application is available for downloading free of charge.

All under control

Well-arranged bills and contracts in one
place with a notification system.

Anytime and anywhere

Download the application (iPhone, Android)
for free here:

Saving money

Never again miss a warranty period
or termination period for a contract.

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